Directing the Rt. Rev. William G. Burrill, Episcopal Bishop of Rochester, NY



The director is the primary storyteller.


With the completed movie projected on his mind's screen before shooting even begins, he directs a team large or small to realize that vision.


He works with the talent, be they SAG actors or people from the walks of life telling their story, coaxing the performance out of them that makes the audience want to keep watching.


A director knows his crew's crafts and their individual capabilities, and how to challenge them to excellece.


Here are a variety of programs I have directed:


Salvadori Brings Math and Science to Life


Promoting the good educational work of the Salvadori Center.


Stop the Pain!


60-second direct marketing infommercial.


Extending the Arms of Christ


Fund-raising video for the Episcopal Relief Fund.


Learning Through Service


Informational video for college students considering a semester -- in the US or abroad -- of service learning experience