The Road From Erebus


Independent Feature Film (trailer)
Client: David Sporn, Producer/Writer/Director
Co-Producer and Unit Production Manager


This sample is a trailer for a full-length film that we eventually developed and produced.


It was a typical low-budget indie scenario, calling for many favors from vendors and suppliers. We shot it on 35mm short ends, a real challenge.


The trailer went to the Independent Feature Project market, where it found financing. The completed movie played on Showtime and Cinemax.


Thank you so much for all your hard work on "The Road From Erebus." Obviously, the project never would have happened without your incredible effort. You took an extremely difficult situation and made it work.


As I have told you before, I really appreciated not having to worry about so many of the difficult production issues. Your take-charge attitude as producer relieved me of much of my burden as executive producer, enabling me to focus on my duties as a director. This made life livable, the project successful and the experience enjoyable.


I look forward to working with you again.


David Sporn

Director, "The Road From Erebus"