Skillful interviewing for documentaries involves more than good conversation. It requires understanding the purpose of the movie, eliciting from people their piece of a story that will be woven together with the other elements. Of course it requires good listening and attentiveness to that spontaneous moment. It also requires good preparation so as not to be an endless ramble. And it requires framing questions that help the person deliver.


Proclaiming One God One Family One Earth


As an example of interviewing, watch this clip from an orientation video for deputies to the 71st General Convention of the Episcopal Church. I believe it shows mastery of some complex and dry content yet tells a compelling and moving story through good interviews.


Other examples:


See It, Build It, Know It


Short video describing the work of The Salvadori Center; interviews with thoughtful kids ages 7-12.


Learning Through Service


Informational video for college students considering a semester -- in the US or abroad -- of service learning experience


Outpourings of Love


Fund-raising documentary for the Episcopal Church. (Emmy nominated)


Discover Life


People from all walks of life reflect on why they read the bible.